Polycarbonate Roofings

Polycarbonate Roofings

Whether you want a cool patio area, a shelter that allows some natural light through, or a combination of the two, you’re sure to find an ideal solution to suit your needs in our large domestic Polycarbonate Roofing range.

Polycarbonate Roof sheets exist in an extensive range of colors in standard roofing profiles. Available in Standard and SolarSmart colors, which reflect more heat.  Backed with a limited lifetime warranty and 99.9% protection from UV. polycarbonate roofing is an outstanding roofing material that offers superior physical properties.

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The Polycarbonate range is available in three styles – Standard, SolarSmart and SolarSmart Selective. Use the Standard range for the most cost-effective solutions or SolarSmart if you are wanting to reduce heat. SolarSmart sheets reflect more radiation across the entire ultraviolet light spectrum, not just the portion that provides visible light – this means that there is more HEAT reflected, making this range COOLER.

All Suntuf Polycarbonate sheets have a Limited Lifetime Warranty and provide 99.9% UV protection under the harsh Australian sun, so you and your family can enjoy your outdoor areas without getting burnt.



You may often pick it up from our Ingleburn warehouse, but if you need it right away, please contact us ahead of time so we can make sure that we have enough stock on hand to satisfy your needs. We can typically get the item in fast if it is not already in stock.

We use reputable carriers like TNT to transport this item all around Australia.

We’ll send you a tracking number through email as soon as your purchase ships. You’ll be able to keep tabs on the progress of your delivery this way.

When you purchase from us, you can be certain that everything will come in perfect condition.

It’s best to deliver to a location where there’s either a secure place to put the package or someone will be present to sign for it.

The fabric is guaranteed to not fade for two years, and the frame is guaranteed for two years of craftsmanship.
What does the warranty not cover?
The warranty covers any problems that arise as a result of shoddy workmanship. Wind, misuse, or modified umbrellas are not covered under this policy. When collapsing an umbrella, make sure the cloth is tucked away from the arms and fastened with a strap. Incorrectly closing the cloth around the arms might cause the fabric to become snagged or pinched. A hole or blemish on the cloth caused by pinching is not covered by the guarantee.

This umbrella does not have a wind rating, so if it starts to blow, be sure to fold it and secure it with a strap. Always be certain that the base of the umbrella is well-anchored.

series of fabrics by QB Fabric Spuncrylic, a high-quality fade-resistant fabric, is used to make umbrellas.
In spite of the fabric’s solution dyeing and anti-fading design, the intense Australian sun may cause some fading. Within the first two years of ownership, your umbrella is guaranteed to have little fading. When your umbrella isn’t in use, keep it protected with a cover.

Despite the fact that these umbrellas are low-maintenance, we suggest that you periodically check all of the screws and fittings. Wind may force umbrellas to sway, which can lead to loosening of screws over time. All fittings should be checked at least once a year. When the umbrella is wet, don’t shut it or put on the protective cover. Mold growth is possible as a result of this process. This isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, unfortunately.
Your Sunranger Umbrella should look wonderful for many years to come with regular care and maintenance.

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