Qualitative Blinds Cafe Series Umbrellas are sturdy, lightweight commercial umbrellas suited for commercial usage. They come in 3 sizes and may be customized with your branding. Best bargain commercial café umbrellas in Australia.

Cafe and restaurant market umbrellas, like the QB Cafe Series, are made to last. The metal frames and high-quality textile canopies make them look great and endure for years. Ideal for printing your company’s logo. Ideal for startups.


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Commercial market umbrellas, such as the QB Cafe Series, are built to withstand the rigours of cafes and restaurants. They look excellent and last for years because of the aluminum frames and high-quality cloth canopies they’re made with. Ideal for printing your company’s logo or brand name. Perfect for small businesses.

2.1m x 2.1m, 3.0m x 3.0m and a 3.0m Octagonal are the available sizes. Umbrellas from the QB Cafe Series are ideal for cafes, restaurants, and promotional businesses, especially if the umbrellas will be branded with a company logo. With a vast selection of color choices, they’re a long-lasting solution for houses. The umbrellas in the QB Cafe Series are made of high-quality Spuncrylic canvas, which is lightweight and robust. For screen printing, it is water-resistant as well.

Outside market umbrellas are built on a sturdy, weather-resistant aluminum frame with a high-quality cloth canopy for years of reliable use. Additionally, there are these attributes:

Umbrella safety locking pin to prevent it from collapsing by mistake
Branding on a 15-degree pitch
Uv-stabilized rope of superior quality
The frame’s 48mm diameter mast reduces weight while maintaining strength.
Frame made of powder-coated aluminum (Black only)
Brackets for the central arms to guarantee proper sizing
Larger-than-normal arm protrusions provide additional strength
There are several ways to mount it, including using a bolt-down base, an inground socket, or a sliding baseplate.
Canopy made of high-quality spun acrylic canvas
Choices include valances as well as several canopy styles.
Modular construction with removable components
Canopy system that installs in seconds
Stability is provided with a fitted top cap and a huge wind vent.
To improve the overall look, all of the arm ends have plastic plugs installed.
Easy to carry and store two-piece pole (3m Sq. is a single-piece pole)
Stainless steel is used throughout.

You may often pick it up from our Ingleburn warehouse, but if you need it right away, please contact us ahead of time so we can make sure that we have enough stock on hand to satisfy your needs. We can typically get the item in fast if it is not already in stock.

We use reputable carriers like TNT to transport this item all around Australia.

We’ll send you a tracking number through email as soon as your purchase ships. You’ll be able to keep tabs on the progress of your delivery this way.

When you purchase from us, you can be certain that everything will come in perfect condition.

It’s best to deliver to a location where there’s either a secure place to put the package or someone will be present to sign for it.

Are these umbrellas waterproof?

The umbrellas are typically made with a Spuncrylic Canvas canopy.  This is a very hard-wearing outdoor fabric designed specifically for outdoor applications.  The fabric is highly water-resistant.

Can I use this umbrella in breezy conditions?

Yes.  These umbrellas are designed to handle breezy conditions.  They should, however, be collapsed in strong winds.  When the canopies get wet, this makes them heavier than normal which can put extra stress on the frames.  If the umbrellas are wet and it is windy, there is a higher risk of wind damage.

The other important thing is that for an umbrella to be stable in breezy conditions it must be adequately weighted down.  We recommend the use of Sunranger baseplates if the umbrella is mobile or a bolt down or in ground sleeve it the umbrella is to remain fixed.  Having a base that is not strong/heavy enough can cause the umbrella to topple and fall which can be dangerous.

How do I install this umbrella?

Your new Sunranger arrives ready for use.  If you’re purchased a baseplate from us you will need to assemble it by attaching the feet and spigot.  All tools are included. This is a simple job.  If you are bolting your umbrella down or installing it with an inground sleeve you may need to engage a tradesperson to assist with this part of the installation.

What’s the best price if I buy a quantity of these umbrellas? 

Our online pricing is for single and smaller quantities.  If you are wishing to purchase a larger quantity of umbrellas you should call us and we will work out the best price for you.

Can I purchase these umbrellas at a wholesale price?

We have a very limited number of wholesalers for these umbrellas preferring to keep the costs down and have you deal direct.  If you’re company wishes to become a wholesaler you will have to meet various requirements of MOQ’S, product knowledge and stock holding.  Contact our office to discuss.

Can this umbrella go through a table?

Yes, providing the hole in the table is at least 50mm dia. You should also check the height of the table to confirm that the arms will close over it.

Closing heights of arms:

  • 2.1m Square:             1300mm
  • 3.0m Octagonal:         1300mm
  • 3.0m Square:             630mm

* These umbrellas may not close over a standard height table.

Can I leave this umbrella up all the time?

We recommend that you collapse the umbrella when not using it. Although it is a strong umbrella and is tolerant to breezy conditions, it is always a good idea to fold it away when not in use, just in case a strong wind comes along and damages it.

What accessories do you recommend I purchase with this umbrella?

Certainly, you will need to select the right umbrella base or mounting option for the job.   We also recommend the following:

  • An umbrella protection cover for when the umbrella is closed or not in use
  • Weight plates or weight bags to add additional ballast to your umbrella baseplate
  • A Brolly Trolley if you need to move your umbrella and baseplate on a regular basis.
  • 303 Fabric Guard, Cleaner & Protectant

Is this a Commercial Umbrella?

The QB Cafe Series is our work-horse umbrella designed for cafes, restaurants, pubs and other commercial areas. They are strong, lightweight and easy to operate. Paired with a suitable base they make the ideal umbrella to provide shade and shelter in any commercial or domestic situation.

How big is it?

The QB Cafe Series Umbrellas are currently available in 3 sizes; 2.1m square, 3.0m Octagonal and 3.0m square. All central poles are 48mm dia.

What size base do I need with the umbrella?

The base of any umbrella determines how stable it is in breezy conditions. The most stable way to secure this umbrella is with an inground or bolt-down base. If this is not possible there are a range of base-plates that are suitable for this umbrella depending on how it is going to be used. Make sure you select a base that accepts the right size pole diameter (48mm or 58mm) and that is heavy enough. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact Shade Australia to discuss your specific situation.

Is the fabric sunproof?

Yes, the fabric is fade-proof and has a UPF of 50+.

Can you deliver it to me?

Of course. Just select your postcode in the checkout and we will calculate the shipping price. If the price seems high, then you are welcome to call us and we can investigate if it’s possible to find a cheaper freight company.

We can deliver to your business address or if we are delivering to a residential address we do need an ATL (Authority to Leave) if we are delivering to a home. This can be a front porch or carport. If you can’t give an ATL you will need to contact us so we can make alternate arrangements.

What is the warranty?

The QB Cafe Series comes with a 2 Year Frame & Fabric. Warranty is subject to our Standard Warranty conditions. Fabric Warranty is Pro-Rata. Please note that all umbrellas sold by Shade Australia are not warranted for wind damage.

Can I fix it if it breaks? 

Yes, all the parts are interchangeable so if in the rare instance an arm breaks, we can send you a new one and you can easily replace it. Alternatively, we can send you a replacement part with instructions and you can replace it yourself.

Can I replace the fabric canopy?

Yes, if you wish to change the fabric canopy on your umbrella it is a relatively straight forward job

Will my umbrella rust?

The central structure of the umbrella is made from aluminium. All bolts and nuts are stainless steel. If the umbrella is installed in a marine environment we have had occasions where some rust can occur on the wire holding the arms. We recommend regular treatment with a rust-resistant spray to prevent this.

What maintenance do I need to do?

Like any product with moving parts, we recommend regular checks to ensure all nuts and bolts are in place and tight. When not in use we recommend furling the fabric and securing with the strap. An umbrella protection cover will greatly extend the life of the fabric on your umbrella.

Can I print my logo on this umbrella and what will it cost?

Yes, you can print your logo onto this umbrella. In order to give you a quotation, we need to see your artwork first so that we can determine the size and number of colours in the logo. Most of the printing we do in these umbrellas is screen-printing or heat-transfer. We’ve found that that other types of printing such as digital print fade to fast in the hot Australian sun.

The fabric is guaranteed to not fade for two years, and the frame is guaranteed for two years of craftsmanship.
What does the warranty not cover?
The warranty covers any problems that arise as a result of shoddy workmanship. Wind, misuse, or modified umbrellas are not covered under this policy. When collapsing an umbrella, make sure the cloth is tucked away from the arms and fastened with a strap. Incorrectly closing the cloth around the arms might cause the fabric to become snagged or pinched. A hole or blemish on the cloth caused by pinching is not covered by the guarantee.

This umbrella does not have a wind rating, so if it starts to blow, be sure to fold it and secure it with a strap. Always be certain that the base of the umbrella is well-anchored.

series of fabrics by QB Fabric Spuncrylic, a high-quality fade-resistant fabric, is used to make umbrellas.
In spite of the fabric’s solution dyeing and anti-fading design, the intense Australian sun may cause some fading. Within the first two years of ownership, your umbrella is guaranteed to have little fading. When your umbrella isn’t in use, keep it protected with a cover.

Despite the fact that these umbrellas are low-maintenance, we suggest that you periodically check all of the screws and fittings. Wind may force umbrellas to sway, which can lead to loosening of screws over time. All fittings should be checked at least once a year. When the umbrella is wet, don’t shut it or put on the protective cover. Mold growth is possible as a result of this process. This isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, unfortunately.
Your Sunranger Umbrella should look wonderful for many years to come with regular care and maintenance.

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