Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings
Our Folding Arm Awnings give great shade and can cover vast areas up to 7 meters broad! Closed, these awnings fold neatly against the wall, providing you with complete control over your shade requirements. Styles of Folding Arm Awnings:

Semi Cassette – Elegant awnings for eaves or ceiling. The cloth is shielded from the elements when rolled up, extending its life.

Full Cassette – This style is great for big patios, pool edges, and terraces. When retracted, the cloth and machinery are totally enclosed in the cassette, preventing weather-related damage. This not only enables you to customize the amount of shade but also extends the life of your awnings.

Technical Information

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Folding Arm Awnings
Manufactured using lightweight, durable acrylic fabrics, our Folding Arm Awnings provide excellent shade and can cover large areas – even up to 7 meters across! When closed, these awnings retract into a compact smart package that sits neatly against the wall, giving you full control of your shade needs. We offer Folding Arm Awnings in the following styles:

Semi Cassette – These sleek awnings can be placed under eaves or ceiling mounted. The fabric is protected from the weather when rolled up adding longevity to the fabric and awning.
Full Cassette – The ultimate in Folding Arm Awnings, this design is ideal for large patios, poolside, and terraces. When retracted, the fabric and mechanism are fully encased in the cassette, protecting the awning from damage caused by exposure to the elements. This not only allows you to choose how much shade the awning provides, but it also significantly increases the lifespan of your awnings.

For added convenience, the crank handle may be automated. Awnings with sun and wind sensors retract automatically in bad weather. Motorized awnings may also be controlled remotely. Quality Blinds Automation saves energy and provides comfort. Our experts can help you choose the ideal look for your house. We will come to your house for a free measure and quotation. Discover why Quality Blinds is a top source of Folding Arm Awnings in Sydney and Melbourne!

Weight 1 kg

3000mm Width, 2000mm Projection

Frame colour

from the Dulux Duralloy powdercoat range included in the price, please note some parts will be sprayed not powder coated due to them being per assembled.


Motorised or manual (Gear) operation. We recommend motorisation as this awning can be hard to operate manually


High tension triple spring arm system with PVC coated stainless steel cables


Top fix bracket available at additional cost

Fascia /Rafter brackets

available in 10 and 22 degrees.

Roof mount Brackets

available in 125mm and 200mm


Wind Sensors, Wind and Sun sensors, Rain and Wind Sensors, Motion Sensors.


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Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings are a great addition to any outdoor space, providing shade and protection from the elements while also enhancing the aesthetics of your home. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of installing Folding Arm Awnings, considerations to keep in mind before buying, choosing the right type of awning for your home, such as one with a crank handle for easy manual operation, and maintenance tips.

Before we delve into the details and price of Feng folding arm awning, let’s define what a Folding Arm Awning is. These awnings are retractable, foldable awnings that can be extended or retracted depending on your needs. They are typically mounted to the exterior wall of your home and can be manually or motorized operated. The purpose of Feng folding arm awning and this guide is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing Arm Awnings for your home.

Benefits of Folding Arm Awnings

There are many benefits to installing Folding Arm in your home. These awnings provide shade and protection from the sun, rain, and wind, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even in less-than-ideal weather and lighting conditions. They can also reduce your energy bills by keeping large areas of your home cooler during the summer months. Additionally, the frames of the Folding Arm are often powder coated, providing a durable and long-lasting finish that can withstand the elements and resist fading.

Moreover, Folding Arm Awnings can enhance the aesthetics of your home. They come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to choose an awning that suit and complements the architecture and design of your home. Plus, they are cost-effective compared to permanent structures such as patios, balconies, or pergolas.

Considerations Before Buying Folding Arm Awnings

Before buying Folding Arm Awnings, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to choose the right type of awning that suits your needs. There are different types of Folding Arm Awnings, including retractable arms, folding arm awnings, side blinds, swing arm awnings, and extendable awnings, among others. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to do your research and choose the type that best suits your needs.

Secondly, you need to measure the area where you want to install the awning. It’s crucial to get accurate measurements to ensure that your awning cover fits correctly and functions optimally.

Thirdly, the quality of the materials used to make the frame of the wind-up awning and wind-up is essential. You want to choose an awning made of high-quality materials that can withstand exposure to the elements and provide long-lasting durability.

Finally, it’s essential for customers to choose a reputable Folding Arm Awning provider to ensure that they receive high-quality products and services.

Choosing the Right Folding Arm Awning for Your Home

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of Folding Arm Awnings available, it’s time to consider which one is right for your home. Here, blinds are some factors to consider when making your decision:

Explanation of the Different Types of Materials for Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings are available in a variety of fabric materials, each with its own unique features and benefits. The most common fabric materials include:

  1. Acrylic: Acrylic is a popular choice for Folding Arm Awnings because of its durability, water resistance, and UV protection. Acrylic fabrics are also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it easy to find a design that complements your home’s exterior.
  2. PVC: PVC is a synthetic material that is resistant to water, mildew, and fading. PVC fabrics are available in a variety of colors and patterns and are a great option for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance awning.
  3. Polyester: Polyester is a lightweight and affordable option for Folding Arm Awnings. While it doesn’t offer the same level of durability as acrylic or PVC, it is still a good choice for homeowners on a budget.
  4. Mesh: Mesh fabrics are becoming increasingly popular for Awnings because of their ability to provide shade while still allowing light and air to pass through. Mesh fabrics are available in a range of colors and can help to reduce energy costs by keeping your home cooler during hot weather.

Discussion of Motorized vs Manual Options

Another decision to make when choosing Folding Arm Awnings is whether you want a motorized or manual option. Here are the pros and cons of each:

  1. Motorized: Motorized Folding Arm Awnings are a popular choice for homeowners because of their convenience. With just the press of a button, you can extend or retract your awning motorised operation, making it easy to adjust the level of shade as needed. Motorized options also tend to be more durable, as there is less wear and tear on the components than with manual options. However, motorized options are typically more expensive than manual options and require an electrical source.
  2. Manual: Manual Awnings are a more affordable option and are a good choice for homeowners who prefer a more traditional approach. These are easy to use, and you can adjust the level of shade by simply turning a crank. However, manual options require more physical effort to operate and can be more prone to wear and tear over time.

Consideration of Size and Style Options

Folding Arm Awnings are available in a range of sizes, colors, and styles to suit different homes and outdoor spaces. When choosing a size, it’s important to consider the size of the area you want to cover, as well as the height and width of the awning when extended. In terms of style, you can choose from a range of shapes available colors, and designs, including:

  1. Traditional: Traditional Folding Arm Awnings have a classic, timeless look and are a good choice for homes with a more traditional style.
  2. Contemporary: Contemporary Folding Arm Awnings have a sleek and modern look and are a good choice for homes with a more modern aesthetic.
  3. Dome: Dome-shaped Folding Arm Awnings are a unique option that can add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

Customizations available

When it comes to customizations, there are several options available. For example, you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match your home’s exterior. You can also add various free and optional accessories and features like wind sensors, rain sensors, Sun sensors, rain sensors, motion sensors, rain sensors, wind sensors, etc. Additionally, you can add LED lights to the underside of the awning for a beautiful and functional outdoor lighting solution.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation Process

It’s important to have your Folding Arm Awning installed by a professional to ensure it’s done correctly and safely. It typically involves attaching the awning arms and brackets to your home’s exterior wall and setting up the motor and controls. The process can take a few hours to a full day, depending on the complexity.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity and operation of wind sensors and motorized parts of Awnings, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance. This includes keeping the motorized awning clean and free from debris, ensuring the motorized part, sensors, and controls are working properly, and checking for any signs of wear and tear. It’s also important to retract the motorized awning during inclement, weather conditions or when it’s not in use.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing any issues with your motorized Awning, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take. For example, if the awning is not retracting or extending properly, check the motor and controls to make sure they’re functioning correctly. If the fabric is torn or damaged, you may need to replace it. If you’re unsure how to address a problem, contact a professional for assistance.


Folding Arm Awnings are a versatile and cost-effective way to protect and enhance your outdoor living space. They provide shade and optimum sun protection, wind, and the elements while also adding style and value to your home.

If you’re considering purchasing a Folding Arm Awning, be sure to choose a reputable provider who can guide you through the process from selection and price to installation and maintenance. Quality Blinds and Awnings is a trusted provider of all outdoor blinds and sun shading solutions in Australia and can help you find the top price and perfect Arm Awnings for your home.

Choosing a valued provider for your Folding Arm blinds and Awnings outdoor blinds is essential for ensuring the product’s longevity and performance. Quality Blinds and Awnings offers a range of products and services, including semi-cassette options, to meet your outdoor shading needs, and their experienced team can provide expert advice and services. Contact them today to get started on enhancing your outdoor living space with an Awning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a folding arm awning?

An arm awning is a retractable shade structure that is typically mounted on the exterior of a building or home. It is designed to provide protection from the sun and rain and can be extended and retracted as needed. With the integration of home automation systems, the control of your folding arm awning can be effortless and convenient, allowing you to adjust it with a touch of a button.

What are the benefits of a folding arm awning?

Folding arm awnings offer several benefits, including providing shadow and protection from the sun and rain, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home or building, and increasing energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heat that enters through windows. For even more protection, a full cassette folding arm awning can fully enclose the fabric and arms, keeping them safe from the elements when not in use. With a full cassette option, you can ensure your awning is always protected and looks great.

How long do folding arm awnings last?

The lifespan of a folding arm awning can vary depending on the quality of the materials used, the level of maintenance, and the environmental conditions in which it is used. In the harsh Australian climate, a well-made and well-maintained awning can last for up to 10 years or more, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner looking to enhance their outdoor living space.

Can Feng folding arm awning be used in windy conditions?

Most folding arm awnings are designed to withstand light to moderate winds, but it is not recommended to use them in very windy conditions. It is important to retract the awning during windy weather to avoid damage.

How do I clean my outdoor blinds folding arm awning?

To clean a folding arm awning, use a soft brush or cloth and mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or high-pressure washers, as this can damage the fabric. Taking care of your awning with proper cleaning and maintenance can provide complete peace of mind, knowing that it will last for years to come.

How much does a folding arm awning cost?

The cost of an arm awning can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the awning, the durability of the materials used, and the complexity. On average, a basic folding arm awning can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, while more advanced models can cost up to $10,000 or more.

Can a folding arm awning be motorized?

Yes, motorized folding arm awnings are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to effortlessly extend and retract your awning year-round. This significantly increases the convenience of using your awning, allowing you to easily adjust it to changing weather and lighting conditions.

What is the maximum width of a folding arm awning?

The maximum width of a folding arm awning can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Some models can extend up to 40 feet or more, while others may be limited to a width of 10 feet or less.

How long does it take to install a folding arm awning?

It can vary depending on the complexity and the experience of the installer. On average, it can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, while more complex installations can take a full day or more.

Can a folding arm awning be installed on a roof?

Yes, it is possible to install a folding arm awning on a roof in australia, but it is important to ensure that the roof can support the weight of the awning and that the installation is done by a qualified professional.

Awnings Product Range

Folding Arm Awnings

Manufactured using lightweight, durable acrylic fabrics, our Folding Arm Awnings provide excellent shade and can cover large areas – even up to 7 meters across! When closed, these awnings retract into a compact smart package that sits neatly against the wall, giving you full control of your shade needs.

Straight Drop Awnings

Drop Awnings can be used as a shading system for outdoor entertaining areas, such as decks and patios, or can be installed on the outside of a window; providing shade for the interior without intruding on your interior décor. Choose from a range of beautiful acrylic and canvas fabrics, or choose a sunscreen fabric for superior protection from harsh UV rays.

c2 Folding Arm Awnings

The Conservatory Awning is a fully automated and motorized shading system, controlled by remote – so you can sit back and enjoy sun protection at the touch of a button. When not in use, the awnings fully retract into a discretely positioned headbox to avoid damage from the elements, while also extending the lifespan of your system.

Best traditional awnings

We have manufactured Traditional Awnings for many years using the highest quality products. At Quality Blinds, we have improved the Traditional Awnings overtime to make sure they can cope with the British weather. For example, we have replaced some of the boxing with a more resistant aluminum casing at the top and back.

Available colors for Folding Arm Awnings

beige 8902 Folding Arm Awnings
beige tweed u189 Folding Arm Awnings
Brownie U224 Folding Arm Awnings
clay U387 Folding Arm Awnings
color block brown D334 Folding Arm Awnings
dune 0681 Folding Arm Awnings
gazelle tweed U140 Folding Arm Awnings
gypsum U335 Folding Arm Awnings
hardelot beige 8935 Folding Arm Awnings
heather chine 8779 Folding Arm Awnings
Linen 8904 Folding Arm Awnings
dune 0681 Folding Arm Awnings
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